LION CUBS: 1st Touch

               ~ Sports Activities for 4 to 7-year-olds

Through targeted sporting activities, the children will develop their motor skills of agility, balance and coordination, while learning about teamwork, sportsmanship and athleticism. These are key areas that will give them a head start as they embark on a lifetime of fitness ahead. Best of all, while they may not even realise it, they will also cultivate essential social skills and a belief in themselves and their abilities at the same time.

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               ~ Football Mastery for 8 to 14-year-olds

Each young athlete is a champion in the making. Through learning the skills and techniques needed to play football, they will build their stamina and physique, while honing their mental and emotional strengths. Fit To Play’s training methods bring together the good habits of every great athlete, such as humility, discipline, sportsmanship and leadership, while uncovering their innate potential and nurturing their unique talents, leading to a natural sense of achievement.

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               ~ Sports Activities & Karate Training for kindergartens

Fit To Play takes our unique sports and fitness programmes to your children’s kindergartens and preschools. Specially designed to bring out the best in every child, we provide options for Fit To Play’s signature 1st Touch Sports Activities, as well as Karate Training held in conjunction with Shihan Richard Ng of Shinwa-Kai Karate Club.

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