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  FUN LOCAL ‘Sports & Adventure’ HOLIDAY CAMPS

                       ~ For children aged 4 to 12

Our Vision: The children of Singapore discovering a broader perspective on life away from home. There is so much to learn from nature, yet our children often live very sheltered lives. Heading to the great outdoors will allow them to discover its boundless beauty and develop essential survival skills.

Our Mission: To take children into unfamiliar territory and bring them back with a fresh understanding of the outside world and new appreciation for their own. Through stress-free learning, team-bonding activities, trekking in natural habitats and even the chance to miss their families for a little while, we allow children to explore their freedom and independence, whilst discovering the responsibilities it comes with.

“It’s been really great to know all the people in Fit to Play. All of you (coaches) really make an effort to make the children learn through all these great experiences. I’m sure the kids will remember this camp (March 2015) as this excursion is really something Singaporean kids are not exposed to. And I really have to thank you for writing such beautiful words for my children (on their camp certificates). That will definitely boost their confidence! Thank you and I am looking forward to the next camp!!”
     ~ Palden & Rinzen’s mum, Mabel


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Camp Highlights

Specially designed day camps catered to preschoolers and primary (elementary) school students aged 4 to 12 during the school holidays, where children will not just have a fun and refreshing learning experience, but also get their adrenaline pumping as they build self-confidence while on adventure.

Many students get bored during the school holidays and spend most days playing or watching TV. These camps are created to engage the students, and to bring out the excitement for learning and love for exploring in every child. Each camp has a graduation and medal presentation ceremony at the end of it, and is packed with loads of goodies and surprises that every student will love!

The Great Outdoors ? Many students spend their days in school, at tuition centres or at home. This is an opportunity for them to get out into the sun and feel like kids again! They will feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the term ahead. Venues include West Coast Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir, Gardens by the Bay, Punggol Promenade and even Pulau Ubin.

Hands-On Engineering Fun ? Students often cannot fathom why they would ever need to know some of the dry theory that they are taught in the classroom. Through a fun project that will get them involved and excited, we bring topics like geometry and physics to life for these budding architects and engineers!

Challenging Adventures ? A special trip to ?top-secret? locations will see students encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and challenge their limits in a fun and safe environment. With fears conquered and morale sky-high, they will be empowered to excel. Venues include Forest Adventure Bedok Reservoir Park, Safra Adventure Sports Centre and Amped Trampoline Park.

Sports & Team-Bonding Activities ? Besides participating in organised fun and games targeted at strengthening social skills and fitness abilities simultaneously, Glory campers will also get to experience what it feels like to take part in a proper football match.

Graduation & Medal Presentation Ceremony ? The culmination of the camp will see all Glory Camp kids proudly accepting their medals and certificates like the champions that they are, witnessed by their parents and coaches. A rewarding moment for all!


Sample Camp Itinerary

Day One:

09.00 a.m. ? Introductions & safety briefing
10.00 a.m. ? Hands-On Engineering Fun
11.30 a.m. ? Lunch
12.30 p.m. ? Board the bus for The Great Outdoors
05.00 p.m. ? Head back to Base Camp
06.30 p.m. ? Dismissal and parent/caregiver pick-up

Day Two:

09.00 a.m. ? Review of Day One & introduction to Day Two
09.30 a.m. ? Sports & Team-Bonding Activities
12.30 p.m. ? Refreshments
01.00 p.m. ? Graduation Ceremony (parents are invited!)
01.30 p.m. ? Break camp

Inclusive of:

  • Lunch and tea-break snacks on both days of the Camp.
  • Transportation to and from Base Camp for the excursion on Day One.
  • Fit To Play dry-fit t-shirt, goodie bag, Glory Academy Camp certificate and champion?s gold medal.


General Details

Base Camp: West Coast Park   Click here to view map

The ideal average intake is 30-60 children per camp. The number of facilitators will be adjusted accordingly to maintain a favourable coach-to-pupil ratio.

Please note that no two camps are exactly the same. In addition, excursions to external venues also depend on variable factors such as availability.

Various types of holiday camps we offer:

  • 1 – 2 day fun local camps (kids only) to discover adventures within Singapore coupled with Fit To Play?s football clinics
  • 2 – 4 day rustic overseas camps (with or without family) to experience nature in different parts of northern Johor, West Malaysia
  • 3 – 5 day luxurious overseas camps (with family) to indulge in 5-star resort living in Sabah, East Malaysia & Boracay, Philippines ~ Coming soon!

Please note that all our holiday camps are customisable for teen/youth team-bonding and adult team-building purposes. Do get in touch to learn more!

Note to Principals and Teachers:
We can customise our programmes to your school’s needs and provide flexible options for your pupils. Please get in touch today!


To sign up for our next camp or for further enquiries, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to contact us…