D.A.S.H. (During After School Hours) ‘Be A Survivor’

                       ~ Enrichment programme for primary (elementary) school children

Too many children are bogged down with academic stress from a young age and our wish is to provide them with a nurturing space where they can step away from their books, learn to ?smell the roses? and feel free to enjoy their childhood. For 4 hours once a week, our coaches will work with primary (elementary) school students in key areas like personal fitness, sporting excellence, hands-on creativity, general knowledge, vital core values and essential life skills.

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  ‘Sports & Adventure’ HOLIDAY CAMPS

                       ~ For children aged 4 onwards and their families

Specially designed local day camps for children aged 4 to 12 and overseas camps catered to families during the school holidays, encompassing not just a fun and refreshing learning experience, but also adrenaline-pumping activities to ensure kids build self-confidence while on adventure. Each camp has a unique itinerary and is packed with loads of goodies and surprises that everyone will love. Please note that all our holiday camps are customisable for teen/youth team-bonding and adult team-building purposes.

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