Testimonials from Fit To Play parents

My boys remain active in soccer since we left Singapore and moved to Perth, Australia. They spent the last two years with South Perth United where Andrews and Nichols helped the club to top spot in the league and Jerome’s team was runner-up in the FA Cup in their respective age groups. They were recently signed by Premier League side, Floreat Athena FC, for the 2015 season. Their formative years with Fit To Play has helped them a lot, not only on the soccer field but at school too. Andrews and Nichols received Academic Distinction Awards while Jerome is in the Gifted Program pursuing Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Philosophy. Fit To Play coaches’ emphasis on discipline and education have certainly done the boys good. They are in Catholic colleges here. In you, Coach Jerry, they saw the importance of faith in life and we’re glad to see FTP Sports’ continued involvement with Catholic schools in Singapore. We hope to visit Singapore soon and the boys are looking forward to a session on the pitch with their beloved Coach Jerry!
     ~ Andrews’, Nichols’ & Jerome’s dad, Mark

My two kids always look forward to Saturday morning sessions with Fit To Play.
     ~ Julian’s & Sebastian’s dad, Achim

Great coaching with family-like environment. Well done, Coach Jerry!
     ~ Sergio’s & Andrea’s dad, Juanma

Testimonials from Glory Academy parents

My boy was in Glory Academy’s after-school programme in SJI Junior and absolutely loved it. On the days he attended, he always came home smiling even though it had been a long day, telling me stories of the activities they had done and the things he had learnt from the coaches. He particularly loved the sports and football aspect, and being in the programme helped build his self-confidence as well. He also joined the Glory Holiday Camp recently (September 2014) and that was wonderfully educational and a fun couple of days out too. Thank you, Coach Jerry and team, for everything!
     ~ Alessandro’s mum, Ling Yu

“It’s been really great to know all the people in Fit to Play. All of you (coaches) really make an effort to make the children learn through all these great experiences. I’m sure the kids will remember this camp (March 2015) as this excursion is really something Singaporean kids are not exposed to. And I really have to thank you for writing such beautiful words for my children (on their camp certificates). That will definitely boost their confidence! Thank you and I am looking forward to the next camp!!”
    ~ Palden & Rinzen’s mum, Mabel