FTP SPORTS is all about kids both young and old.
Its goal is to bring targeted sports activities and life skills programmes to all children aged 4 to 14.
To achieve this, founder Gerard Thomas put together a dedicated team of coaches to
develop the champion in every child because he believes that everyone has the right to be



?We have always emphasised and believe that children learn best when they are having fun,
playing organised games, bringing out the athlete in them and building their self-confidence along the way.

~ Gerard Thomas a.k.a. Coach Jerry

Formed on Christmas Day 2011, Fit To Play sports academy began its mission to inculcate a lifelong love for keeping fit, while also grooming the leaders of tomorrow through values such as teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship. Each unique and specially designed fitness programme introduces boys and girls to the wonderful world of sports, with a special focus on Singapore’s favourite game of football.


Well, we truly believe that we are different in many ways. In addition to all the good things that most sports academies dish out, we have a unique family-like environment which gives our Fit To Play kids and even their parents a sense of belonging. Our coaches’ strategy is to first work on winning their hearts and gaining their respect. Then we allow them to enjoy every session stress-free because the best way to learn is the fun way! We will, from time to time, enter the kids for junior football friendlies and tournaments, to expose them to the competitive aspect of the game. We can also tailor a personal training regime for your child, concentrating on specific footballing skills and techniques, physical and stamina conditioning and most importantly, peak performance coaching.

Even as Fit To Play and its young athletes continued to thrive, it seemed that too many children were ?book smart? but lacking in skills and knowledge that are needed in everyday life. Thus in 2013, Glory Academy was born. Its mission is to impart a love for learning both in and out of the classroom, combining academic excellence, motivational life skills and confidence-building outdoor activities.